Civil Aviation Directorate
of the Republic of Serbia - 03.06.2023 17:36:44

Owner/user or the operater unmanned aircraft shall submit, as parties in the administrative proceure, request for approval of unmanned aircraft directly or through authorized respresentative  Follow the link for new editions of the Airworthiness Department forms  Republic administrative fee is RSD 900.00 as of 01.07.2021. 

Aircraft Register

  1. CAD-AIR-OB-U001 - Application for the reservation of a Registration Mark for aircraft;
  2. CAD-AIR-OB-U002 - Application for registration of aircraft;
  3. CAD-AIR-OB-U003 - Application for registration of  unammned aircraft;
  4. CAD-AIR-OB-U004 - Application for de-registration of aircraft;
  5. CAD-AIR-OB-U005 - Application for the change of data in Aircraft registry;
  6. CAD-AIR-OB-U006 - Application for the issuance of a Civil Aviation Registration Certificate;
  7. CAD-AIR-OB-U038 - Application for the issuance of a prior approval for the registration of a foreign person in the owner/operator sheet of the Aircraft registry.


  1. CAD-AIR-OB-U007 - Application for the aircraft airworthiness review (except ballons);
  2. CAD-AIR-OB-U008 - Application for the ballon airworthiness review;
  3. CAD-AIR-OB-U017 - Notification of issuance or extension of Airworthiness Review Certificate;
  4. CAD-AIR-OB-U018 - Application for the issuance of Export Airworthiness Review Certificate;
  5. CAD-AIR-OB-U019 - Recommendation for the issuance of Airworthiness Review Certificate;
  6. CAD-AIR-OB-U039 - Part 26 compliance checklist;
  7. CAD-AIR-OB-U010 - Application for the Noise certificate;
  8. CAD-AIR-OB-U011 - Application for the approval of an Aircraft Maintenance Programme;
  9. CAD-AIR-OB-U040 - Application for exemption;
  10. CAD-AIR-OB-U012 - Application for ELT code;
  11. CAD-AIR-OB-U013 - Application for Mode S Transponder code;
  12. CAD-AIR-OB-U015 - Application for approval of Aircraft contininug airworthiness record system;
  13. CAD-AIR-OB-U016 - Application for approval of Aircraft Flight Manual;
  14. CAD-AIR-OB-U037 - Application for acceptance of modification or repair;
  15. CAD-AIR-OB-U041 - Application for issuance of type certificate;
  16. CAD-AIR-OB-U042 - Application for recogniton of type certificate;
  17. Form 18B - Application for the approval of flight conditions for a Permit to fly;
  18. Form 21 - Application for Permit to fly.


  1. Form 2 - Application for Part-145, Part-M Subpart G or Part-M Subpart F Approval;
  2. Form 4 - Acceptance of the nominated personnel;
  3. CAD-AIR-OB-U035 - Application for Production Organisation Approval (POA);
  4. CAD-AIR-OB-U036 - Application for Design Organisation Approval (DOA).