Requirements for entry into the Republic of Serbia, including information for passengers arriving from State with special risk from spreading COVID-19 contagious disease,  and travelling abroad can be found on Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ web page Information for passengers regarding conditions for entering Republic of Serbia are available in the form of NOTAM and can be found on Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Agency website - link  On March 12, 2020, the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia issued an Operational Notice regarding the implementation of safety measures requiring public air transport operators to provide sufficient disinfectants to prevent the spreading of COVID-19   


  1. CAD-OVDA-OB-001(B) Аpplication form for issue licence/ratings
  2. CAD-OVDA-OB-002(B) Application form for extension groups/classes
  3. CAD-OVDA-OB-003(B) Application form for issue/extension/revalidation/renewal instructor certification
  4. CAD-OVDA-OB-004(B) Аpplication form for issue/revalidation/extension examiner certification
  5. CAD-OVDA-OB-005(B) Application form for issue of duplicate licence/certification
  6. CAD-OVDA-OB-006(B) Application form to remove restrictions
  7. DCV-OVDA-OB-007(B) - Application form for granting student pilot authorization
  8. DCV-OVDA-OB-050 - application form for replacement of licence/certificate/authorization  
  9. CAD-PEL-OB-501(B) – Application form for Theoretical knowledge examination
  10. CAD-PEL-OB-502(B) – Application form for skil test
  11. CAD-PEL-OB-502I(B) – Application form for assesment of competance for obtaining instructor’s certificate on ballon
  12. CAD-PEL-OB-504(B) – Application form assement of competance for obatining, revalidation, extension or renewal examiner’s certificate
  13. CAD-PEL-OB-506(B)- Aplication for conversion of national JAR non-complaiant ballon pilot licence to PART-FCL licence
  14. CAD-PEL-OB-507(B) – Aplication for conversion of foreign saiplplane pilot licence issued in accordance with ICAO ANNEX 1
  15. CAD-PEL-100 Theoretical knowledge additional examination date application form

 Regulations, Instructions, Guidance and Operational notice

  1. Regulation on Aircrew („Official Gazzette of the RS“, no. 60/19);
  2. Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material
  3. Guidance Material for conversion of national JAR non-complaiant ballon pilot licences
  4. OAM-01-2017;
  5. OAM-02-2017;
  6. OAM-01-2018;
  7. OAM-02-2018;
  8. OAM-03-2018;
  9. OAM-04-2018;
  10. OAM-05-2018;
  11. OAM-06-2018.

 Training Organizations

  1. CAD-PEL-OB-N501(B) for obtaining of approval certificate
  2. CAD-PEL-OB-N502(B) - Application form for ATO documents revision
  3. CAD-PEL-OB-N503(B) - Audit Report
  4. CAD-PEL-OB-LP-802 - Check List for Operation Manual
  5. CAD-PEL-OB-LP-803 - Check List for Operation Manual (ТМ)
  6. CAD-PEL-OB-LP-804 - Check list for assessment of comliance monitoring system
  7. EASA Form 143 issue 1 Approval Certificate
  8. CAD-PEL-OB-801
  1. CAD-PEL-OB-503(B) - Bkill test report form for obtaining ballon pilot licence
  2. CAD-PEL-OB-503I(B) - Assessment of competence report form for obtaining instructor’s certificates on aeroplanes
  3. CAD-PEL-OB-503E(B)- Report form of assessment of competence for issuing examiner certificate (Ballon)
Theoretical Examinations
  1. Theoretical examination schedule for year 2022.
  2. Theoretical examination schedule for year 2021.
  3. Guidelines for theoretical examinations