1. CAD-PEL-OB-1(B) Аpplication form for issue licence/ratings
  2. CAD-PEL-OB-2(B) Application form for extension groups/classes
  3. CAD-PEL-OB-3(B) Application form for issue/extension/revalidation/renewal instructor certification
  4. CAD-PEL-OB-4(B) Аpplication form for issue/revalidation/extension examiner certification
  5. CAD-PEL-OB-5(B) Application form for issue of duplicate licence/certification
  6. CAD-PEL-OB-6(B) Application form to remove restrictions
  7. DCV-PEL-OB-7(B) - Application form for granting student pilot authorization
  8. CAD-PEL-OB-501(B) – Application form for Theoretical knowledge examination
  9. CAD-PEL-OB-502(B) – Application form for skil test
  10. CAD-PEL-OB-502I(B) – Application form for assesment of competance for obtaining instructor’s certificate on ballon
  11. CAD-PEL-OB-504(B) – Application form assement of competance for obatining, revalidation, extension or renewal examiner’s certificate
  12. CAD-PEL-OB-506(B)- Aplication for conversion of national JAR non-complaiant ballon pilot licence to PART-FCL licence
  13. CAD-PEL-OB-507(B) – Aplication for conversion of foreign saiplplane pilot licence issued in accordance with ICAO ANNEX 1

 Regulations and Instructions

  1. Regulation on Aircrew („Official Gazzette of the RS“, no. 33/13 and 61/15) that transposes Commission Regulation  290/2012 , 70/2014,  245/2014 and 445/2015.
  2. Regulation on Aircrew („Official Gazzette of the RS“, no. 33/13) that transposes Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 and 290/2012.
  3. Acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material-PART-FCL
  4. Acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material -PART-ORA
  5. Guidance Material for conversion of national JAR non-complaiant ballon pilot licences

 Training Organizations

  1. CAD-PEL-OB-N501(B) for obtaining of approval certificate
  2. CAD-PEL-OB-N502(B) - Application form for ATO documents revision
  3. CAD-PEL-OB-N503(B) - Audit Report
  4. CAD-PEL-OB-LP-802 - Check List for Operation Manual
  5. CAD-PEL-OB-LP-803 - Check List for Operation Manual(ТМ)
  6. CAD-PEL-OB-LP-804 - Check list for assessment of comliance monitoring system
  7. EASA Form 143 issue 1 Approval Certificate
  8. List of certified training organizations
  1. CAD-PEL-OB-503(B) - Bkill test report form for obtaining ballon pilot licence
  2. CAD-PEL-OB-503I(B) - Assessment of competence report form for obtaining instructor’s certificates on aeroplanes
  3. CAD-PEL-OB-503E(B)- Report form of assessment of competence for issuing examiner certificate (Ballon)
Theoretical Examinations
  1. Theoretical еxamination schedule for 2018.