1. PEL 1(P) - Application form for issue licence/category (parachutist)
  2. PEL 2(P) - Application form for issue instructor rating (parachutist)
  3. PEL 3(P) - Application form for replacement licence/rigger/certificate tandem pilot (parachutist)
  4. PEL 4(P) - Application form for issue examiner/rigger authorization (parachutist)
  5. PEL 5(P) - Application form for issue of duplicate licence/authorization (parachutist)
  6. PEL 102(P) - Skill test and theoretical examination application form for obtaining A category of parachutists licence
  7. PEL-102I(P) - Аpplication ffor theoretical knowledge examination and skill tests for obtaining parachutist instructor rating
  8. PEL-105(P) - Application for conversion of foreign parschutist licence


  1. Regulation on parachutists licences and training organizations (“Official Gazette of RS”, No 110/14);
  2. Guidance Material for implementation Regulation on parachutists’ licences and training organizations (“Official Gazette of RS”, No 110/14)

Training Organizations

  1. PEL N101(P) - Application form for obtaining of approval certificate
  2. PEL N102(P) - Application form for ATO documents revision
  3. PEL N103(P) - Audit report from approval process of paraschutist training organization
  4. PEL N104(P) - Approval Certificate


  1. PEL 103(P) - Examination report form from obtaining parachutist licence A, B, C and D category
  2. PEL 103I(P) - Examination report form for obtaining paraschutist instructor rating
  3. PEL 103R(P) - Examination report form for obtaining rigger authorization


  1. List of authorized examiners
  2. PEL 103E(P) - Examiner Standardization report form