1. DCV-PEL-OB-1(ULA) Application form for granting licence/rating (Ultralight Aircraft)
  2. DCV-PEL-OB-2(ULA) Application form for revalidation/renewal of ratings in Ultralight Aircraft Pilot Licence
  3. DCV-PEL-OB-3(ULA) Application form for granting Examiner/Student Pilot Authorization (Ultralight Aircraft)
  4. DCV-PEL-OB-4(ULA) Application form for issue of duplicate licence/authorization (Ultralight Aircraft)
  5. PEL-100 Theoretical knowledge additional examination date application form
  6. PEL-301 ULA Theoretical knowledge examination and Skill tests application form (Ultralight)
  7. PEL-303 Report on Skill Test
  8. PEL-304 Application form of requirements impletion for examiner authorization
  9. PEL-305 Aplication for validation of flight crew licence and ratings
  10. PEL-307 Aplication for conversion of foreign flight crew licence or ratings issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 (GPL, FBPL, F/NL & ULPL(A))
  11. PEL-308 Application form for theoretical instructor authorization


  1. Regulation on Flight Crew Licensing (2005) 
  2. The provisions on aeroplanes and helicopters are out of force since JAR FCL 1 and JAR FCL 2 provisions apply.

Training Organizations

  1. PEL-601 Application form for registration of Approvial Training Organization
  2. PEL-602 Application form for change operation and training manual
Theoretical Examinations
  1. Theoretical examination schedule for 2019.
  2. Guidelines for theoretical examinations
Glider Syllabus
  1. Communications
  2. Human Performance and Limitations
  3. Meteorology
  4. Navigation
  5. Operational Procedures
  6. Aircraft General Knowledge
  7. Flight Performance and Planning
  8. Parachute Characteristics Knowledge
  9. Theory of Flight
  10. Aviation Law