Aeromedical section implements medical requirements for aviation personnel.
Medical fitness of aviation personnel is determined by aeromedical examinations with purpose
to exercise safely privilleges from their licences.It is of great importance for aviation safety
and at the same time for keeping medical fitness during their professional career.
Aeromedical section tasks:
  • Follow up on standards, recommendations and regulations of international organizations in area of aviation medicine;
  • Establishing of medical requirements -aeromedical assessments of aviation personnel;
  • Certification of aeromedical examiners and aeromedical centers;
  • Inspections and audits of aeromedical examiners and aeromedical centers;
  • Medical assessments review;  Issuing of medical certificates, limitations, exemptions, suspensions;
  • Education of AMEs in area of aviation medicine;
  • Cooperation with other competent authorities and with Ministry of health in RS in implementation of standards for best medical practice within the country.


Regulation on aircrew (“Officail Gazette RS” No 33/13, 61/15, 37/18, 63/18 и 69/18)
based on
  • EU Reg. 1178/2011 from November 3rd 2011
  • EU Reg. 290-2012 from March 30th 2012
  • Acceptable means of compliance:
Regulation on air traffic controller`s licences, training organisations and aero-medical centres
("Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia", No 83/15 and 18/16, 71/17)
based on:
    EU Reg. 340 /2015 from February 20th 2015
    Acceptable means of compliance:
    ICAO Annex 1-Ammendment 175, chapter 6 Medical Provisions-Standards and recommended practice