Civil Aviation Directorate
of the Republic of Serbia - 30.05.2023 10:21:03

Owner/user or the operater unmanned aircraft shall submit, as parties in the administrative proceure, request for approval of unmanned aircraft directly or through authorized respresentative  Follow the link for new editions of the Airworthiness Department forms  Republic administrative fee is RSD 900.00 as of 01.07.2021. 
The Republic of Serbia shall keep aircraft registry of the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter referred to as aircraft registry) and records of the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter referred to as aircraft records).
Aircraft registry shall include all categories of aircraft, excluding ultralight aircraft, amateur-built aircraft and unmanned aircraft that are entered on the aircraft records.
The aircraft registry and records are public books kept by the Directorate in accordance with Air Transport Law.

  1. CAD-AIR-OB-U001 - Application for the reservation of the Registration mark of aircraft;
  2. CAD-AIR-OB-U002 - Application for the registration of aircraft;
  3. CAD-AIR-OB-U003 - Application for the registration of unmanned aircraft;
  4. CAD-AIR-OB-U004 - Application for de-registration of aircraft;
  5. CAD-AIR-OB-U005 - Application for the change data in Aircraft registry;
  6. CAD-AIR-OB-U006 - Application  for issuance of Civil Aviation Registration Certificate;
  7. CAD-AIR-OB-U038 - Application for the issuance of a prior approval for the registration of foreign person in the owner/operation sheet of the Aircraft registry.