Civil Aviation Directorate
of the Republic of Serbia - 05.12.2022 14:52:34

Follow the link for the notice on Paraglider Pilots  Follow the link for new editions of the Airworthiness Department forms  Republic administrative fee is RSD 900.00 as of 01.07.2021.  Conditions for entry of passengers into the Republic of Serbia, including information for travelers coming from countries with a special risk of spreading the infectious disease COVID-19, and travel abroad can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs page  Information on the conditions for entry of passengers into the Republic of Serbia is available in the form of NOTAM on the SMATSA LLC website - link 
Number Subject
Датум ступања
на снагу
  NPV 21-07-01   UTVA 75 - Horizontal tail front fitting  01.08.2021.
  NPV 19-02-01
  Chain Aerospace LLC Slick 4200, 4300 or 4700 (LASAR) 
  4-Cylinder Magnet Gear Assembly Replacement
  NPV 89-11-04 R4   Additional aircraft maintenance requirements  30.04.2018.
  NPV 16-12-01   Inspection of the front leg of the landing gear for GALEB G-2 aircraft  01.01.2017.
  NPV 15-04-01 R1
  Carrying out an inspection and check of the operation of the Transmitter
  for determining the location of the accident (ELT)
  NPV 14-07-01
  Implementation of the Cessna Supplemental (Structural) Inspection Programs
  NPV 13-04-01   Maintenance of Ni-Cd aircraft batteries  15.05.2013.
  NPV 10-04-01
  Inspection of aircraft after flight in areas where is a possibility of volcanic ash contamination
  NPV 10-02-01   LYCOMING resources for aircraft reciprocating engines  03.01.2009.
  NPV 09-09-01   Teledyne Continental Motors Aircraft Resources  01.10.2009.