Civil Aviation Directorate
of the Republic of Serbia - 22.07.2024 19:54:21

Passenger complaint submission using web form at the Directorate website, for more information follow the link  Republic administrative fee is 1040,00 RSD as of 01.07.2023.  Owner/user or the operater of unmanned aircraft shall submit, as parties in the administrative procedure, request for approval of unmanned aircraft directly or through authorized respresentative  Follow the link for new editions of the Airworthiness Department forms 
An aircraft shall be considered to be maintained in an airworthy condition provided that:
a) it meets the type certificate requirements,
b) it is in a condition for safe operation, and
c) it meets other requirements as specified by the Directorate.
Continuing airworthiness of aircraft is demonstrated by a certificate of airworthiness and airworthiness review certificate.
Depending on the purpose for which the aircraft is operated, continuing airworthiness may be maintained by :
  • Air carrier or stand-alone organisation;
  • Owner of the aircraft or user.

  1. CAD-AIR-OB-U007 - Application for the aircraft airworthiness review (except special category aircraft and balloons)
  2. CAD-AIR-OB-U008 - Application for the ballons airworthiness review;
  3. CAD-AIR-OB-U017 - Notifications of issuance or extension of Airworthiness Review Certificate;
  4. CAD-AIR-OB-U018 - Application for the issuance of Export Airworthiness Review Certificate;
  5. CAD-AIR-OB-U019 - Recommendation for the issuance of Airworthiness Review Certificate;
  6. CAD-AIR-OB-U039 - Part 26 compliance checklist;
  7. CAD-AIR-OB-U010 - Application for the Noise certificate;
  8. CAD-AIR-OB-U011 - Application for the approval of an Aircraft Maintenance Programme;
  9. CAD-AIR-OB-U040 - Application for exemption;
  10. CAD-AIR-OB-U012 - Application for ELT code;
  11. CAD-AIR-OB-U013 - Application for Mode S Transponder code;
  12. CAD-AIR-OB-U015 - Application for approval of Aircraft contininug airworthiness record system;
  13. CAD-AIR-OB-U016 - Application for approval of Aircraft Flight Manual;
  14. CAD-AIR-OB-U037 - Application for acceptance of modification or repair;
  15. CAD-AIR-OB-U041 - Application for issuance of type certificate;
  16. CAD-AIR-OB-U042 - Application for recogniton of type certificate;
  17. CAD-AIR-OB-U043 - Application for the airworthiness review of special category aircraft;
  18. Form 18B - Application for the approval of flight conditions for a Permit to fly;
  19. Form 21 - Application for Permit to fly.