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Serbian Aviation Authority signed air services arrangements in Indonesia

Monday, 24.11.2014.
From 17 to 21 November, the seventh Air Services Negotiation (ICAN) meeting organized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was held including the aviation authorities of Indonesia, where the Serbian state delegation concluded 21 arrangements with 12 states. In addition, Serbia has agreed and initialled nine new air services agreements with nine supporting documents, including three Memoranda of Understanding.
Air services agreements were signed between Serbia and Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Seychelles, Republic of Korea, Jordan and Oman, including the Memorandum of Understanding with Egypt, Pakistan and Vietnam.
Based on these documents, while expressing its interest in flying to destinations in these countries, Air Serbia will be able to immediately start using the agreed traffic rights.
It is important to note that the delegations of Serbia and the United States reached an agreement in principle on all disputable provisions of the agreement and it can be expected that the process of concluding the agreement is to be completed within the immediate future.
The aim of the conference, attended by 78 ICAO Member States was to negotiate, agree on and conclude as many documents in the field of air transport within the shortest time as possible, which under regular procedure usually takes several years. This year, delegations of the participating countries have concluded around 400 bilateral documents, all with the aim of improving commercial opportunities in international air transport.
Serbian delegation, which included representatives of the Ministry of Civil Engineering, Transport and Infrastructure and the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, was one of the most active delegations, as evidenced by the number of signed documents. 

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