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of the Republic of Serbia - 29.11.2023 22:16:33

Passenger complaint submission using web form at the Directorate website, for more information follow the link  Republic administrative fee is 1040,00 RSD as of 01.07.2023.  Owner/user or the operater of unmanned aircraft shall submit, as parties in the administrative procedure, request for approval of unmanned aircraft directly or through authorized respresentative  Follow the link for new editions of the Airworthiness Department forms   
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ICAO EUR/NAT workshop

Thursday, 09.11.2023.
ICAO EUR/NAT workshop

 In the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, an ICAO EUR/NAT workshop dedicated to national aviation authorities in the region on the proper actions and successful resolution of important critical elements in the field of air navigation services (ANS) was held on 7th and 8th November 2023.

At the initiative of the Directorate for Serbia to host the regional ICAO workshop, the representatives from the ICAO EUR/NAT regional office in Paris, aviation authorities of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Slovenia, and Italy, as well as SMATSA and CAD, attended the sessions.
The welcome speech was delivered by the Assistant Director of the Directorate, Zlatko Miščević, who spoke about the results our country achieved in recent ICAO USOAP audits and emphasized that this workshop will assisst in carrying out all necessary activities in this area.
Through workshops and meetings of this nature, the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia continues to foster relations between countries in this part of Europe, thereby further contributing to the improvement of cooperation among civil aviation entities.

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