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A great success for Civil Aviation Directorate in the Aviation Security and Facilitation Field

Friday, 15.07.2022.
A great success for Civil Aviation Directorate in the Aviation Security and Facilitation Field

From May 16 to 26, 2022, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) conducted a compliance check of the aviation security system (AVSEC) and facilitation (FAL) of the Republic of Serbia. The overall level of compliance of this system is 94.73%, which places the Republic of Serbia among the few countries that apply the highest level of aviation security and facilitation measures.

ICAO, as a specialized organization of the United Nations, with the role of creating and modernizing civil aviation standards and recommended practices, aiming to ensure safe, efficient and orderly air services operations, makes unbiased evaluations of the level of application of the said standards and practices.
The achieved compliance result of 94.73% represents an improvement by 23.89% compared to the check carried out in 2010, thus acknowledging great progress made in aviation security in recent years made by the Directorate. At the same time, it is also a recognition of our team efforts and a guarantee that passengers in Serbia are secure and that they receive the highest possible level service.
The ICAO check showed in the most concrete way the progress of the entire security and facilitation systems in the Republic of Serbia, and the dedication in the work of all state authorities and aviation entities responsible for the field of aviation security and facilitation.
In the following period, the Directorate and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure will make additional efforts to help the aviation industry maintain the highest level of application of standards in aviation security and facilitation.

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