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Students visited the Civil Aviation Directorate

Friday, 23.03.2018.
Students visited the Civil Aviation Directorate

Students of the Faculty of Transportation, University of Belgrade, headed by Aircraft Department professor PhD Olja Cokorilo visited the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia as part of the regular cooperation between the Directorate and this Faculty.

The Directorate responded to the wish of the students to be acquainted with the work and the role of the CAD RS in the Serbian air transport. On this occasion, Director Mirjana Cizmarov and the Director Assistants addressed the students, acquainting them with the work of CAD RS.

Students were familiarized with the regulatory and supervisory role of the Directorate in domestic aviation, as well as with its professional role in the international aviation institutions.

The Civil Aviation Directorate will continue with its so far long-standing cooperation with Serbian faculties in order to contribute to positive results in the education of future aviation personnel.

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