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of the Republic of Serbia - 03.06.2023 09:37:39

Owner/user or the operater unmanned aircraft shall submit, as parties in the administrative proceure, request for approval of unmanned aircraft directly or through authorized respresentative  Follow the link for new editions of the Airworthiness Department forms  Republic administrative fee is RSD 900.00 as of 01.07.2021. 
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Security Charge Reduced at Nikola Tesla Airport

Thursday, 03.12.2009.
The Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia received notification from Nikola Tesla Airport stating that the reduction of security charge i.e. a specific service offered to passengers has been approved. 
This reduction by € 1.20 shall be applicable to the current price of €4.50 per passenger. This practically means that as of 15 December, when the decision enters into force, the security charge will amount to €3.30 per departing passenger, VAT included. This reduction also implies a cut-down on air fares.

The Civil Aviation Directorate welcomes this decision taken by Nikola Tesla Airport as a step toward reduction of air fares in Serbia which is a trend followed by general aviation community. 

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