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CAD RS and Hungarian Wizz Air Representatives talked in Belgrade

Thursday, 17.12.2009.
The representatives of Wizz Air, a Hungarian low cost company, and the Civil Aviation Directorate met in a meeting today. Mr Nebojsa Starcevic Director General expressed his satisfaction during the meeting on the interest shown by this low cost company in Serbian civil aviation market, explaining the requirements to be met for approving the operation of air services from Serbia. He reiterated that the CAD would readily give assistance with a rapid establishment of routes for the destinations of interest to the company.
Besides the representatives from Belgrade and Nis airports – Nikola Tesla and Konstantin Veliki, the meeting attended the representatives from the tourist organizations of Belgrade and Serbia.
This occasion was used to present the potential and costs of the two Serbian international airports including the tourism opportunities offered by Belgrade and Serbia in general. The guests from Hungary expressed their readiness to incorporate Serbia as a new destination into their flight schedules. However, no concrete offers and arrangements have been made.
The representatives from Wizz Air expressed their gratitude to the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia for the open invitation to come and operate air services from Serbia and for the support in realisation of offers which are soon to follow.

As a reminder, the Civil Aviation Directorate invited a few of the top low-cost companies to enter the Serbian aviation market following the abolishment of the visa regime for Serbian citizens. 

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