Civil Aviation Directorate
of the Republic of Serbia - 22.07.2024 20:04:36

Passenger complaint submission using web form at the Directorate website, for more information follow the link  Republic administrative fee is 1040,00 RSD as of 01.07.2023.  Owner/user or the operater of unmanned aircraft shall submit, as parties in the administrative procedure, request for approval of unmanned aircraft directly or through authorized respresentative  Follow the link for new editions of the Airworthiness Department forms 

iPrevention measures at Belgrade Airport

    Dear passengers,
    Mobility at airports across Europe and in the world, has gone through certain restrictions at the time of pandemic for the purpose of control and prevention of disease caused by the COVID-19 virus.
    In order to prepare for your travel properly, follow the link below to find all the information related to measures at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. You will find videos with the necassary details related to passenger and baggage handling at Belgrade airport as well as the answers to frequently asked questions.
    We remind you that it is necessary for everyone to follow the prescribed measures in order to ensure smooth air traffic flow, and maintain safety and security at the highest level.

Stay informed

    As air transport has recovered, we need to understand that air travel will not be exactly the same at the airports and onboard, as it used to be before coronavirus. Due to pandemic, more time, more patience, and special medical procedures are required, and behaviour onboard is adapted to current situation.
    There are 28 airlines performing operations to/from aerodromes in the Republic of Serbia. The Civil Aviation Directorate controls work of air carriers through continuous monitoring.
    We suggest that you should inform yourself of restrictions before entering certain country COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map.

    Afterwards, you should inform yourself of additional measures necessary for boarding, at the website of air carrier :
    Aegean Airlines A3 Athens
    Air Cairo SM Hurghada
    Air France AF Paris CDG
    Alitalia A.A.I.  AZ Roma Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa
    Austrian Airlines AG  OS Vienna
    Belavia Airlines  B2 Minsk
    Fly Dubai FZ Dubai
    Lufthansa AG LH Frankfurt, Munich
    Lot Polish Airlines LO Warsaw
    Air Montenegro YM Podgorica, Tivat
    Pegasus Airlines PC Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen
    Qatar Airways QR Doha
    Ryanair DAC FR Malta, Milan Bergamo, Berlin Tegel, Bratislava
    Swiss Inernational AL LX Zurich
    Tunisair TU Tunis
    Turkish Airlines TK Istanbul
    Transavia HV Amsterdam
    Wizz Air * W6
    Air Serbia* JU
    *There is a large number of destinations, check the list at the air carrier’s website.
    The Directorate shall manage all the information related to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    COVID-19 Passenger Notice
    Passenger rights in Serbia have been regulated by ”The Law on Obligations and Basics of Property Relations in Air Transport”, transposing in its entirety Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 establishing common rules on compensation and assisatnce to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights.
    As the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic affected all air carriers with no exception, the European Commission published the document ”Interpretative Guidelines on EU passenger rights regulations in the context of the developing situation with Covid-19”, Brussels 18.3.2020 C (2020) 1830 final”, stating among other:
    “Regulation 261/2004 also provides for fixed sum compensations in some circumstances. This does not apply to cancellations made more than 14 days in advance or where the cancellation is caused by ’extraordinary circumstances’ that could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. For details, see Article 5(1) and Article 7 of the Regulation.
    The Commission considers that, where public authorities take measures intended to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, such measures are by their nature and origin not inherent in the normal exercise of the activity of carriers and are outside their actual control.
    Article 5(3) waives the right to compensation on condition that the cancellation in question ‘is caused’ by extraordinary circumstances, which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.
    This condition should be considered fulfilled, where public authorities either outright prohibit certain flights or ban the movement of persons in a manner that excludes, de facto, the flight in question to be operated.
    This condition may also be fulfilled, where the flight cancellation occurs in circumstances where the corresponding movement of persons is not entirely prohibited, but limited to persons benefitting from derogations (for example nationals or residents of the state concerned).“- Decision on announcement of the official designation for the current CoV-associated disease to be COVID-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2.

    Frequently asked questions related to COVID-19 situation :

    We bought the tickets to Athens. The air carrier performs the operation although Serbian citizens are forbidden to enter Greece.

    The operation has been performed. The airline is not liable for restrictions imposed by one country to citizens of another country. Passenger has no right to compensation, and refund is possible in relation to applicable air fare.

    The air carrier cancelled the flight three days before the scheduled departure. The reason for cancellation was denied landing permission at the destination country. Am I entitled to compensation?

    According to the Law, the air carrier may cancel the flight with no obligation to pay compensation, in case the passengers have been informed of the cancellation at least two weeks prior to scheduled departure, or later, if there is evidence that the flight was cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. The COVID-19 is considered an extraordinary circumstance, and therefore the passengers have no right to compensation.

    The flight was cancelled and the air carrier offered passengers vouchers instead of money. What are my options?

    At the proposal made by the Ministry of construction, traffic and infrastructure, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has made a Decision 343-3718/2020-1 of 8 May 2020 recommending air carriers holding operational license issued in accordance with the law governing air transport, that these air carriers should grant vouchers to the passengers whose flights have been cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID-19. These vouchers should enable passengers exercise their rights to choose between:

      1. rebooking, under comparable transport conditions, to the final destination as the passenger finds it acceptable, depending on the number of available seats;
      2. option to use the amount of the full cost of the ticket for any of the flights offered by the air carrier’s network, at later date as the passenger finds it acceptable, depending on the available free seats.

    The voucher referred to in the Article 1 may be used till 31 of December 2021.
    In case the passenger fails to accept the voucher, the air carrier is obliged to provide such passenger a refund, when the complaint submission is processed, which can take up to several months due to current state of the aviation industry.

    Are there any specific travel restrictions related to the situation caused by coronavirus?

    The situation related to free mobility of passengers and realisation of air travel has been changing day by day, and all the countries have imposed ceratin restrictions to some extent.
    You may find the details regarding the restriction for entry into the Republic of Serbia as well as the restrictions for the citizens of the Republic of Serbia in other countries, on the website COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map.
    Visit website of the Directorate to find all available information on regulations and restrictions for air carriers performing operations from the Republic of Serbia

    I paid my ticket RSD 10 000, and I cannot take the flight beacuse I have been denied entry to the country of destination. The flight had been performed. The air carrier paid refund of RSD 3 000. Do I have the right to full refund?

    The amount of refund depends on the air fare. While making a reservation, the passenger chooses one of the air fares (BASIC, FLEX, LIGHT, GO, BUSSINESS, PLUS… names vary depending on the airline). While making a payment for the ticket, the passenger confirms that he/she agrees the terms of the air fare.
    For that reason, the passengers are induced to choose the air fares that allow full refund or the air fares that allow rebooking of the arrival/ departure date, in case free mobility of the passengers is disturbed.