Civil Aviation Directorate
of the Republic of Serbia - 15.04.2024 12:10:37

Passenger complaint submission using web form at the Directorate website, for more information follow the link  Republic administrative fee is 1040,00 RSD as of 01.07.2023.  Owner/user or the operater of unmanned aircraft shall submit, as parties in the administrative procedure, request for approval of unmanned aircraft directly or through authorized respresentative  Follow the link for new editions of the Airworthiness Department forms   

Management Board

Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia
  • Prof. dr Olja Cokorilo, full professor, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade
  1. Brigadier General Zeljko Bilic, Deputy Commander of Serbian Airforce and Airdefence
  2. Bojan Jocic, Master of Economics
  3. Aleksandra Damnjanovic, Bachelor of Laws
  4. Vojislav Lazarevic, Bachelor of Laws