Airworthiness department is responsible for determining the initial and periodical reviews of airworthiness of airplanes, issuing Certificate of Airworthiness and ARC, including keeping of the registry of airplanes. By doing so, AWD sets out the requirements, procedures and forms for the issuing of certificates and approvals which are required in order to fly a registered aircraft under applicable national legislation and regulations.
Certification and Oversight (DO, CAMO, AMO, TO) of Service Providers
The technical activities include design, production, testing, type certification, maintenance and continuing airworthiness of aircrafts, components, parts and equipment. AWD maintains oversight of the service providers covering the said activities in the areas of initial certification, audits, inspections and safety oversight. AWD develops, maintains, revises, records and files all necessary requirements, procedures and forms.
The technical service providers must be accepted and approved by CAD RS and are granted appropriate initial certificates and licenses, must undergo periodical renewal and reviews carried out trough scheduled audits and inspections, while AWD is responsible for checking the regulatory compliance including safety performance to ensure fulfillment of requirements relating to working environment, certifying staff, equipment and tooling, resources, exposition manuals and other regulatory prerequisites, including the achieved safety performance.
For details regarding the national law and regulations governing this domain, please refer to REGULATIONS