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Skraćen postupak pribavljanja saglasnosti za upis vazduhoplova čiji je vlasnik ili korisnik strano fizičko ili pravno lice. Detaljno o tome na www.cad.gov.rs/plovidbenost/obrasci  
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Aerial Vehicle Training Centres

Sreda, 15.11.2017.
Aerial Vehicle Training Centres

Aerial Vehicle Training Centres

Due to growing public interest in unmanned aerial vehicles and growing number of enthusiasts in this field, the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia informs all interested individuals, companies and institutions that, in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, there are no training centres for unmanned aircraft let alone certified ones.
The Regulation on Unmanned Aircraft does not provide for practical training for persons handling the unmanned aircraft.
As the supervisory and regulatory body, the Civil Aviation Directorate is responsible for registration of unmanned aircraft, and organizes theoretical knowledge examinations which are sole requirements for operating such aircraft. 
Preparation for the test can be done by referring to the Regulation on Unmanned Aircraft at the Directorate's website (www.cad.gov.rs), without any requirements for practical training.

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