In accordance with Article 8 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention) no unmanned aircraft can fly over the territory of the Republic of Serbia without a special authorization or contrary to the requirements stated within that authorization.

Unmanned aircraft can be used for economic, scientific, educational, sporting and other purposes so as not to endanger the safety of air traffic. For any damage arising from the use of unmanned aircraft, the person using the unmanned aircraft shall be deemed responsible. 

  1. CAD-PEL-OB-001 - Аpplication form for obtaining the certificate for managing of drones
  2. DCV-AIR-OB-U003 - Application for Registration of unmanned aircraft
  3. DCV-OPS-OB-718 - Statement on competency for planned commercial operations
Regulations, guidlines and instructions
  1. Regulation on unmanned aircraft ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia", No 108/15);
  2. Brochure
  1. How to apply for obtaining the certificate for maniging of unmanned aircrafts
  2. The content of the exam for obtaining certificates for the managing of drones
  3. Theoretical еxamination instruction
  4. Theoretical еxamination schedule for 2019.