Safety Order No. 03/2021 relating to limitations of the use of airspace in wider area of the Belgrade, as from 10th October 2021 till 15thOctober 2021 can be found on this link  Requirements for entry into the Republic of Serbia, including information for passengers arriving from State with special risk from spreading COVID-19 contagious disease,  and travelling abroad can be found on Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ web page Information for passengers regarding conditions for entering Republic of Serbia are available in the form of NOTAM and can be found on Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Agency website - link  On March 12, 2020, the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia issued an Operational Notice regarding the implementation of safety measures requiring public air transport operators to provide sufficient disinfectants to prevent the spreading of COVID-19   

About the Civil Aviation Directorate

The Civil Aviation Directorate (Directorate) of the Republic of Serbia is a public agency, the founder’s rights over which are exercised by the Government on behalf of the Republic of Serbia, and which performs the state administration activities entrusted to it by means of the Air Transport Law of the Republic of Serbia. The legal status of Directorate has been defined in the Air Transport Law – “Official Gazette of RS”, No 73/10 of 12 October 2010.

Directorate was designated as the National Supervisory Authority of the Republic of Serbia in the area of air navigation, in accordance with EU regulations and, therefore, issues the Certificates of competency for provision of air navigation services and assesses if the air navigation services providers continue to fulfill the prescribed conditions.

Directorate enacts the regulations and individual legal acts in the first instance, issues public identification documents, maintains the records, performs the audits of aviation entities, participates in the work of international civil aviation organizations and institutions and their working bodies, and cooperates with competent authorities of other countries.

The bodies of the Directorate are the Management Board and the Director.

The Directorate in the period from 2004 till 2010

On 16 October 2003, the Government of Serbia and the Government of Montenegro established the Civil Aviation Directorate of the state of Serbia and the state of Montenegro, which commenced its activities under the said name on 1 January 2004. With the aim of performing the operational activities regarding the provision of air navigation services, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency Ltd (SMATSA) was established.

The Decision on the Establishment of the Civil Aviation Directorate of the state of Serbia and the state of Montenegro

After the separation of two republics, the Government of the Republic of Serbia took over the founder’s rights and on 23 June 2006 the aeronautical authority of the country continued with its functioning as the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia.

Decision on the Exercise of the Founding Rights of the CAD

Conclusion – (Name Modification)