The Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia is authorized to issue approvals to foreign air carriers to perform international CAT operations.
Approvals are granted in accordance with the Air Transport Law ("RS Official Gazette", Nos. 73/10, 57/11, 93/12 and 45/15), the Law on Transport of Dangerous Goods ("Official Gazette", No. 88 / 10) and the Law on export and import of weapons and military equipment ("Official Gazette of PS", No. 107/2014).
  1. Approval to conduct scheduled CAT and to perform a sequence of charter services, comprising of more than four flights, separately for the summer, and for the winter period
  2. Approval for individual charter services, and a sequence of charter services comprising up to four flights, including air-taxi and medical flights
  3. pproval for carriage and transit of arms, military equipment and dangerous goods by air to, on or over the territory of the Republic of Serbia, as well as exemption from the ban on carriage of dangerous goods by air.
The CAT operations application for foreign air operators is to be submitted either by email or telex (SITA: BEGOMYA, AFS: LYBNYAYX), 
or by telephone: 
+381 11 292 7016, 
+381 11 292 7019, 

+381 11 292 7047