The Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia is in charge of issuing the Air Operator Certificate necessary for the performance of CAT operations.

The Civil Aviation Directorate carries out regular and ad-hoc inspections, thus verifying operation of air operators to which the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) has been issued. For the list of approved operators refer HERE  

The following activities are performed in the Operations Department:

  • Administrative and regulatory work, initial inspections, including inspections for the purpose of issuing an Operating License;
  • Periodic inspections, including annual and biennial verification in relation to the Operating Permit and safety oversight activities, and the related legislative and regulatory work;
  • Development of aviation regulations in the field of operations and harmonization of regulations with the international standards;
  • Accepting declarations by operators that conduct non-commercial operations with complex motor aircraft or perform specific operations;
  • Issue a Certificate of Qualification for the performance of specific high-risk activities performed for remuneration;
  • Analysis of changes introduced into the functional systems of operators;
  • Co-ordination with foreign aviation authorities regarding SAFA inspections at aerodromes in the Republic of Serbia, tasks related to aviation safety management, etc.

For more detail on the Operations Department competences please refer to the Fact Sheet section

For more detail on primary and secondary legislation please refer to the Regulations section