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Friday, 14.03.2014.

The Civil Aviation Directorate passed the Regulation on conditions for granting to foreign air carriers the permit for the operation of international commercial air transport in the Republic of Serbia (”Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No 71/13 and 10/14) and the corresponding procedure.

This Regulation and Procedure include also the Application Form for Commercial Air Transport Operations by a Foreign Operator for all the applications to operate scheduled services and series of non-scheduled flights and Foreign Operator Questionnaire for the operators applying for the first time.
The copies of the Application Form and the Questionnaire are available here as the filling in forms. 
These documents along with the detailed information on the terms and conditions for the issue of the approval for the commercial operations to foreign operators will be published in the next amendment of AIP Serbia/Montenegro Part GEN 1.2.
Furthermore, all the applications for the commercial operations by foreign operators can be submitted on the new e-mail address

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