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Regional Civil Aviation Authorities Meeting Held in Serbia

Friday, 24.03.2017.
Regional Civil Aviation Authorities Meeting Held in Serbia

Regional Civil Aviation Authorities Meeting Held in Serbia


The regional meeting of directors of the civil aviation authorities was held in the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, on Wednesday March 23.

In response to the Director Mirjana Čizmarov`s call, the directors of civil aviation authorities of the former Yugoslavia region for the first time assembled in Belgrade to openly discuss the issues of common interests, including the operational challenges, opportunities for joint action and modalities for improving cooperation.

They also discussed the current status of the Memorandums of Understanding signed between the civil aviation authorities which are recognized and accepted instruments for the establishment of such a cooperation and the need for their revisions, the possibility of forming the pool and exchange of experts whose knowledge and experience would be available to everyone especially valued by the aviation authorities in the region, as well as other issues of common interest.

The need to establish and facilitate technical cooperation in specific areas that are under the exclusive responsibility of the aviation authorities to achieve a common objective was recognized, including the promotion of regional cooperation in order to effectively tackle new challenges and adequately fulfil the obligations arising from the international requirements in the field of civil aviation.

In the end, an observation was made that such types of meetings should contribute to achieving a common goal and that the meeting in Belgrade, as the first of its kind, can become a traditional assemblage.

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