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Directorate Council Meeting Held

Wednesday, 25.02.2009.
The 14th Meeting of the Council of the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia was held in Belgrade, on February 24, at the request of Milutin Mrkonjic, the Chairman of the Council of the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia.
Among others the following Regulations were adopted at the Council Meeting:
  1. Amendment of the Continued Airworthiness of Aircraft and Products
  2. Amendment to the Regulation on the Flight Crew Duty Time
  3. Regulation on the requirements for MEL and MMEL and the Approval Procedure
  4. Regulation on Repealing the Decision on establishment of guidelines for the exercise of rights and obligations under ICAO and EUROCONTROL Memberships of the Republic of Serbia
  5. Regulation on the Certification and Safety Oversight of Air Navigation Service Providers
  6. Regulation on Reporting Safety Occurrences and the Investigation of Safety Threats
  7. Regulation on the Establishment andImplementation of Safety Management System by Air Navigation Service Providers
  8. Regulation on Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Providing Ari Navigation Services
  9. Regulation on Air Traffic Controller and ATCOs Training Organization Licensing
  10. Regulation on ATCOs Medical Requirements

Besides the Council Chairman, Milutin Мrkonjic, the Meeting was also attended by the Council Members, Serbian Government Ministers, Ivica Dacic, Dragan sutanovac, Diana Dragutinovic and the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia Director General Nebojsa Starcevic. 

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