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CAD RS issues guidance regarding operations in cases of airspace volcanic ash contamination

Tuesday, 18.02.2014.
Volcanic eruptions is a fairly rare phenomenon, especially when it comes to this region. However, when they occur, they can have a far-reaching effect on aircraft operations.
Many states have provided guidance material to be complied with by aircraft operators and other participants concerned, which may be of great importance in danger situations in cases of airspace contamination by volcanic ash. The guidelines are primarily based on the ICAO document on Volcanic Ash Contingency Plan - EUR and NAT Regions, ICAO EUR Doc. 019 / NAT Doc. 006, Part II. Bearing this in mind, CAD RS has issued general guidelines for aircraft operators and other participants concerned in the Republic of Serbia to comply with in dangerous situations involving the presence of volcanic ash within the airspace of the Republic of Serbia and other states, respectively. The Dangerous Situation/Volcanic ash Procedure can be downloaded here. 

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