Aviation security is a set of measures, human and material resources to safeguard aviation and general public from the acts of unlawful interference. In this respect, the security measures are implemented in accordance with national laws, regulations and the enacted programs which are generated on the basis of the international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), and European Union.

Aviation Security Section (AVSEC) is responsible for the supervisory, administrative, regulatory and other expert activities related to:

  • Implementation of inspection oversight, auditing measures and tests for all entities applying security measures under the Air Transport Law, National Aviation Safety Program and secondary security-related legislation, as well as the entities performing civil aviation security training.
  • Drafting primary legislation and regulations, National Aviation Security Program, Aviation Security Quality Assurance Program, Aviation Security Training Program, National Facilitation Program and expert opinion in relation to the application of the international Regulations, Standards and recommended practices and ratified international conventions in the field, aviation security and air transport facilities;
  • Proposing secondary legislation for preventing the acts of unlawful interference;
  • Issuance of security permit to conduct access control and airport security checks, approval to acquire the status of a regulated agent, known consignor and regulated supplier of in-flight supplies, certificate on the right to train aviation personnel in the field of aviation security;

For more detail on the competencies of AVSEC please refer to the Fact Sheet section
For more detail on primary and secondary legislation please refer to the Regulations section